Snips console offline


It would be nice to be able to use the development functions of the console offline, so only the app store requires you to go online


It’s an interesting ideas. Some parts are more difficult to run locally than others. What would be the most critical parts for you to be able to run locally?


Well for the start it would be nice to be able to create assistants offline (the whole slot and sentence stuff). So it would be great to have a better function to export a whole assistant work on it offline and import it again, while right now I would need to import and export a lot of stuff like sentences and all the slots. This would also allow people to share assistants with others during development so different people can work on it :wink:
(maybe even like the skills being able to import from github, so people can for example see which words I use in a slot and add new, without the need to fork the assistant on the console, which causes problems when you want to update)

Being able to train the assistant offline would be nice but is not necessary


Hmm so if you just want the data, but not the console, then we could try to provide essentially JSON file(s) representing all the data on your assistant. Would that be interesting for you, essentially giving you the ability to, more easily, edit your resources offline on your own computer?

Regardless of whether it worked like this or whether we provided some way to run a version of the console offline, we would have to prepare to deal with merge conflicts, if you, or someone else, have edited things online while you edited offline. This can easily become very complex.

Github is indeed great for collaboration. Food for thought.


Yeah I kind of like the system of git :wink:
about merge conflicts and stuff I really like how it´s handled with git aswell and you can for example easily make new branchs for development and stuff.
A JSON File or multiple files would absolutely be enough. I do not need a fancy offline gui for editing. In fact 90% of the stuff I do online is just typing aswell lmao

About the merge conflict a pretty cool thing would be to just use the system thats already used for skills. So you just like your git repo in the console. That way you would have none of these merge issues. Most of the developers are already pretty used to it.
The current console has a few problems for me that could be solved a lot better that way a few of them are
-offline editing
-multiple branches for development stuff
-for people that want to make their own version for example extend it with a couple of features or more words for slots… They can just fork the git repo and still get updates to stuff they did keep the old way using git fetch
-you have a proper versioning. I mean when you currently screw up at any point you have to start over and can´t just use the last version

With the online gui you could just give it a possibility to push to git aswell

Btw github is no synonym for git. This bugs me each time

I mean it works with any git repository wether it´s on github, gitlab, bitbucket, you host it yourself … You should definetly change that to Git :joy: