Snips Graphical UI wish

Don’t sure to be in the right section but… I can’t dream of an http graphical user interface !

With snips on a Pi, we have sam to check status, watch, update assistant etc.
We also sometimes need to check service journal, start it with -vvv etc
This let us use a lot of command, and have to copy/paste tons of them in ssh.

So yes, can’t dream of web interface for master and satellites to do such stuff, look at services journals, restart them, access log, etc. Why not also have a debug console with skills log (like snips-skills-server -vvv) etc.
Why not also a file explorer on snips main folders (config, snips.toml, asound.conf, skills, assistant etc)

This would really help in maintain/debug/use snips.
For satellites, we could have such GUI handled by the master, so all could be on same interface.


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Hello @KiboOst

Thanks for your feedback! This is already planned in our roadmap, we need to finish our API endpoints first and we will build a GUI on top of it. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

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It would be awesome when the UI gets a easy option to add user features as plugins :wink: ? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Very interesting !!! :open_mouth:

github link is 404, is there any news on such a project ?

Where is this WebAdmin actually ?

Could it reborn the console as a totally offline on device snips settings ?

webadmin was retired when greg was plagiarized. It is possible to rebuild something, that’s what we are working on for Project Alice. The whole skill building and training happens on device