Snips hotword source code


Hello there,
I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, am I the only one who can’t find snips-hotword source code?
The Debian package description points to a non-existent GitHub repo…


there is no source code for it. only source code currently is the Snips-NLU


Oh I see. Thank you.
Do you think other components will be open sourced? (Can a project member answer to this maybe)


Well, your question can only be answered conclusively by Snips, but let me give you my thoughts. They have already open sourced a bit more than (the impressive!) Snips NLU: you can find some other open source components in their GitHub repository. For instance, the source code of Hermes Python has been invaluable for me as an app developer who likes exploring the inner workings of a platform.

But I’d love to see more components open sourced too. It’s not up to me to make their business decisions, but I think Snips would really thrive then. There are some quite capable people in the community who could contribute to the code of e.g. Sam, snips-hotword, snips-asr, snips-skill-server, snips-tts, snips-dialogue and so on to fix issues that currently are holding back newcomers.

Snips is an awesome platform, but I like having the full code of software I’m running at home, and I like to be able to inspect and hack on code when I see something wrong and I’d like to contribute. To all of it. I got attracted by the promise of more of Snips becoming open source, and this promise is the only reason I stayed active in this community even though much of the code is currently closed. The promise is even in the FAQ:

Is Snips open source?

Snips will be open source soon! In the meantime, we already opened a lot of things, which you can find on our Github account here. Follow our Medium and our newsletter to stay updated!

At first I was optimistic, but now I don’t get the impression that open sourcing more components, let alone the complete stack, will happen “soon”. For me this has been a reason very recently to decrease my investments of time (in this forum and on Discord) and code (Snips apps and helper libraries/tools I have been working on) in the Snips ecosystem.

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Thanks @koan for sharing your thoughts and information.

I can’t say I’m 100% happy to use a closed source software for delicate stuff such as home automation (I’m currently working on my own home infrastructure with Home Assistant + Snips), but I can see there is some mild will to open source the product. Maybe not today, not tomorrow, but some time in the future (hopefully near future).

Anyway, I believe it’s a step forward to get away from cloud-based products. I’ll continue to use it but I eagerly wait for the source code to be released :partying_face:


@daniele_athome @koan @ozie : the snips hotword source code is now open source

announcement ->
code ->

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@marc Awesome news! I’ll have a look at it.


That is hardly snips-hotword :slight_smile:
It’s the engine they use to make snips-hotword, but it’s a start :blush:

I wanted snips-hotword code because I thought I might use it to improve my hotword model, since it is based on only 3 recordings. I mean even if I could use tract to build a better model, I don’t have a way to use it with snips-hotword (at least a documented way, maybe some reverse engineering here will help :smiling_imp:)

Anyway I’m currently investigating Mycroft (just for hotword detection) if anyone is interested.


@daniele_athome I’m currently investigating Rhasspy, a completely open source voice assistant toolkit. It can be used with Mycroft Precise too for hotword detection. It also understands part of the Hermes protocol that Snips uses.

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