Snips Kodi remote controle


Hello everybody,
today i want to share my very first python project.
With this script you can control Kodi via Snips. You can control the player, start or search for movies, shows and music, open different windows of the Kodi gui or use the Kodi navigaton loop. This will start a Snips session automaticaly when the old session ends. The Snips hotword is now not necessary for a faster navigation through the Kodi gui. It is also possible to say only a part of the title and the script will search and display the result in the kodi gui, for all titles in the kodi library that contains the said word. The script checks if Kodi is reachable. When Snips detects the Hotword the Kodi player pauses so that you don’t have to scream louder as the mediasound while talking to Snips. When the Snips session ends the Kodi mediaplayer will return to the previous state unless you told to stop, pause or play something else.

I’m open for any feedback or improvement ideas.

You can find the github here: