Snips .NET Core

I’m a student and I would like to develop apps for snips, but I am specialized in C#. I think Python is not that hard but I know more about C# and .NET Core… Do you know if it’s possible to develop actions in that language ?
I found a tool called Microsoft/NLU.DevOps but I don’t know what it is and if it could work with snips. I also found a github project Snips.NET by allisterb but there is no documentation and the last commit was 7 months ago, I don’t know if he’s still working on it…
Thanks !

See this video for information on running .NET core on Raspberry Pi.

I think you forgot the link… :thinking:
But anyway, installing .NET Core is a step but coding is an other… Is there something like the Hermes protocol in Python, to listen to intents, but in C#?

Sorry, here’s the link:

There are .NET libraries for MQTT. Check nuget.

i’ve build a simple client using MQTTnet for the hermes protocol to run it on a raspberry pi with .net core.
You can find it here if you still need it:

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