Snips plugin for Jeedom V4


I see on Github that the Jeedom plugin for SNIPS hasn’t been updated since mid April.

Does someone is testing it on Jeedom V4 Release Candidate to make a V4 ready version ?

The Stable V4 isn’t so far away and I would be sure all is working on V4. Will test it, but being on a V4 with beta snips plugin I can say yet that it hasn’t been adapted regarding UI.

Hello KiboOst,

I will be looking at this update and make the changes. Thanks!


Don’t hesitate if you have some question. You should be on jeedom partenaire community (for beta tests and plugin dev) :wink:

@coorfang still sometimes on discord ? I did let you a few messages


I have done the modification on UI for V4. It now is inline with V4 UI and handle themes.
I also added a search for intents

Let me know if you need a PR on beta or dev branch

I didn’t do engine testing anyway, only UI conversion

Ideally, you can let master for V3, and create a stableV4 branch. Then have beta and stableV4 for Jeedom V4, set it in your market account and all is right for both v3 and v4

Ok I’ve done a PR on dev branch

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@coorfang is going to look at it

Just to let you know that my home is now V4, I have put the PR into production, and all works nice :wink:

I guess you can keep actual master for v3, and merge into beta and a new v4 branch for v4 stable.

Hi everyone,

I got a little question, i update jeedom to V4 and now snips on jeedom won’t launch, update dependencies don’t do anaything…

I see that snips look a php7 but my debian 10 is on php7.3.

Some one have a solution please ?


There is a stable release on V4 from last Friday. You can have a try.