Snips Satelite Case ( Pi Zero + Respeaker 2 and Speaker)


I liked the case from @cellerich but was missing a speaker, so I designed a new one that will fit an Adafruit 3W Mono Enclosed Speaker.

You can download it from thingiverse:

For the LEDs I highly recommend the SnipsLedControl by “Psycho” as it also includes a function to make use of the respeaker button.

Information on how to use the button can be found here:


Looks cool! Great work.


very cool! ordered today my parts for this Satelite.



how can i use the respeaker2 Button? Dont find a Option in the SLC Wiki.
Would be nice to use it for activate Hotword listening if i switched this of with voice command.


You can find some info+config here:

The default Alexa pattern also includes the onButton() funtion…



thanks for this! Awsome Tips, think i will use some :slight_smile: