Snips services wont start when wake word is set to personal in console


Hello snips community,
I have a strange problem.
I created a personal wake word following this procedure.
Everything is running fine, I can trigger snips with my wake word.
But as soon as I set the wake word selection in the console of my assistant to “Personal wake word” and update my assistant, the snips services wont start any more.
As soon as I switch back to “Hey snips” (just the dropdown in the console) everything is running fine again, with my personal wake word.
What does the setting in the console do in the back ground?
How can we figure out what is going wrong?

Thank you in advance.



Hi @64matze, do you still have the same problem? I’ll dig for some information regarding this.
Happy new year!


Thanks for your response and a happy new year, too.
I checked again and found out that I still hade version 0.60.1 running.
I did a sam update and now all services (also with personal wake word in the console set) are running fine.

Thanks again.
Best regards,


Great, glad it works now!