Snips Snap. New User

Terminal command line, change password. Then selected UI Desktop for boot. Rebooted. It Used to take new password I created. Now when I try to log in on desk top, it won’t accept my password and now I can’t get back to terminal to change settings.

Too much going on here. you guys need to get some stream lined approaches here. Feels like kids are launching snips. kinda a mess.

And what does this have to do with Snips? Your user password has NOTHING to do with snips, it’s your raspbian install. Snips is a package installed on a Linux distro

Maybe you should look for a commercial ready to use product…

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I completely agree, since I use Snips, the kitchen didn’t clean it self even ONCE… what a mess…


no thanks. the purpose is to learn by documentation, but the forum is a mess

funny, i get it. trial and error but the forum needs a clean up.

The problem is: why should Snips provide general information about using Linux?

Yes, I had to relearn most of it for snips as well, but this is just the wrong place for that kind of information.

i purchased the Kit and following directions don’t work.

The npm was depricated and had to go outside of the Start Up documentation (which should have included a notation or something.) Even after sudo apt-get update.

no “sam devices discovered” after following directions??

“wpa_supplicant.conf” file can’t be added to “boot” because permissions is denied??

What good is documentation that doesn’t explain things properly?

I’m not a pro at linux but I can follow directions, I hope.

Ok, with the Kit I can understand your “anger” a bit more: But please, how should the forum be more structured if the people don’t include the relevant information? Start with your self!
Still, it is a MAKER Kit, not a complete ready to run product. For the documentation you got to choose: a perfect up to date documentation, and slow evolving product OR a rapidly changing product with from time to time an outdated documentation.

a few keywords that should help you out:
sam connect (included in the docu!)
sudo chown (linux)

Q: I can’t find my Raspberry using sam devices although I see it on my network

I appreciate the reply with help.

why don’t all the files show when I do a ls -l?

I don’t see anywhere on “how to” update sam?

Hey, I got connect!!
It was by my ip address AND not by “snips_base.local”.
I rather use local and not be connected to internet?

It gave me an ssh key

How do i run local vs my ip address?

What do I do now that I have connect to sam?

ip adress vs local has nothing to do together. You have a local ip and you access internet through your external ip. Before yelling names and everything I suggest you start fresh and get on the basics. It is as mentionned by @Philipp a Maker kit and not some ready made finished google home product. If you want something that is totally smooth you have to wait another year for Snips Air to come, the finished product. The maker kit is meant for people that love to tinker and don’t drop their arms on every little bump on the road. I’m sorry but with the flood you made on the forum and the title of this topic I have a bad opinion of you and I’m afraid I won’t be of any help for you.

I purchased the “Voice Interaction Base Kit” from SeeedStudios.

I don’t want to wait for a finished product. I want to tinker and learn this.

I apologize for my flood that I made, but everyone has a breaking point, unless you are perfect?

I appreciate your reply.

I’m not giving up, I will learn this!

We are glad to help anyone having issues with Snips. Maybe you could rename this post?

Good idea. will do asap

yes, if this is the problem then try by changing the name of the post . Maybe this can be helpful.