Snips TTS output is incorrect and clear


I am using snips on Raspberry pi with USB Headset for mic as well as speaker and the TTS output is coming but the it is not wat i am expecting i.e
if sent text as (For testing).
mosquitto_pub -h -t “hermes/tts/say” -m “{“siteId”:“default”,“text”:” Hi am XYZ",“lang”:“en-GB”}" but the sound is only “am XYZ” on the USB headset

and for the same the console output is
[15:48:46] [Tts] was asked to say " Hi am kallappa"
[15:48:48] [Tts] finished speaking with id ‘UNKNOWN’ please help me to sort this and wat’s the reason here

thanks in advance.


firstly the tts/say is meant for internal snips functions.

you should use the start session with the action notification, to just have it say something

change it to this and see if that fixes your problem