Snips voice to text for Anroid

Just wondering if anyone is working on a general voice to text app using Snips to replace typing. Anyone? Is it even possible without manually trainig for every word in a language? It amazes me but there is no offline/private voice to text App for Android to my knowledge. Someone should build it, just not sure I got the time to build one :thinking::pensive:.

Itโ€™s not the aim of Snips. Snips does understand what it was fed to it, it doesnโ€™t understand words it never saw

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Thanks for the reply. Do you think it is techinically possible to use Snips if I would use an free audio dataset to train it?
Probably Snips is not the way to go with natural language processing, since its not only about recognizing words as command (that command could be the text of that word) but also at ditinguishing them from one another. Might become imposible when training with thousands of words.

For anyone out there that might read this blog. These might be valid alternatives for natural language processing to bring ofline voice to text to Android :

-> Meant to be used with an API for remote Natural Language Processing (NLP) calls, however I see no reason why the call could not be to the same device, e.g. your phone.

-> EasyNLU is a Natural Language Understanding (NLU) library written in Java for mobile apps. Being grammar based, it is a good fit for domains that are narrow but require tight control.
-> Maybe google has the answer, to my suprise after a long search I found that their new Gboard app integrates ofline natural language processing tool in keyboard. Just not sure how private it is since it is Google.