Snips wakeword setup stopped

I tried setting up my personal wakeword “Sigma,” but once it got to step 5, it froze. It’s now been showing this for over an hour:
[14:21:07.835394] INFO :snips_hotword::server: Discovered audio_server default/mqtt, starting hotword listener
[14:21:07.836696] INFO :snips_hotword_lib::audio: Audio thread for default started
[14:21:07.837269] INFO :snips_hotword_lib::audio: Net and VAD thread for site default started (vad inhibitor: true, vad messages: false
[14:21:07.844221] INFO :snips_hotword_lib : Detector “detector.sigma.default”, sensitivity: 0.5, threshold 0.5
[14:21:07.844749] INFO :snips_hotword_lib : detector.sigma.default thread started
I’m using Raspbian Stretch April 2019 with the Snips Voice Interaction Development Base Kit. Does anyone know what I should do?

Very few have managed to get the wakeword tool to work correctly. You’re better off recording and trimming your wakeword yourself on your main computer and just drop them files on your pi then. Anyway, that’s all past in 32 days…

Ok. I got it working, but it wouldn’t recognize anything past the wakeword, and then when I restarted it, it stopped working entirely. What should I do now?