So many broken links in the Docs!


I am trying to learn snips. It’s impossible!
So many broken links! Is there no software out there that can proof read links and spit out broken ones?
Here are some;

These are only from reading a couple of hours. I imagine there a lot more.
How can this be resolved? It’s hard enough for new comers as is, without having to come to a dead end like this. It’s so frustrating…



Yes the docs has been migrated.
You’ll find all you need here :




Thanks for the reply Ced;
The links I mentioned do originate from and are broken.
I don’t know of other places that hosts the docs.


It’s just because you did a search by Google and it references the old pages.
But if you go in the root page (the link above) and you navigate in the left menu, you should find every doc that was on old site i think.
Example, the 3 new links of 3 old links you posted :

You also have a searchbox in the corner right.

When google will have reference all new links, it’ll be better :slight_smile:



That makes sense. :wink:
However there still some. I am collecting them in a bookmark and will update this thread at the end.
When I do a search, I can find the right page though.
Thanks again for your reply.