[SOLVED] Actions won't work but others do



I have a strange ‘bug’ and I don’t know what’s the problem.

I have a TurnOn action bind to jeedom that turn on my cinema mode. When I say ‘active le mode cinéma’, it sends TurnOn action with ‘cinéma’ as device name.

On jeedom as bind this to a scenario, it works well.

Now I want to make a TurnOff action. So I set the same action / scenario for TurnOff. But when I say ‘desactive le mode cinéma’, I see that snips send TurnOff with ‘cinéma’ but on jeedom I have nothing on the log (contrarily to TurnOn).

Do you why it doesn’t work with TurnOff ?

Thank for your help !


Anybody have the same problem ?


Did you look with sam watch on you snips server witch intent is detected ?


Yes it detects the right words (désactivé le mode cinéma) and send the right action (TurnOffJeedom) but nothing is trigger on jeedom side.


Hello Hydro:

It sounds wired, but with the provided info I can not indicate the solution.

If possible, please provided 3 things:

1/ screenshoot of the binding itself
2/ screenshoot of snips-watch -vvv log
3/ text log of Snips Plugin




With my fresh installation of snips server on workstation (hyper v before) it seems to work !

Thank for your support.