[SOLVED] EAI AGAIN Error when trying updating assistant


Hey guys, im running into this error message when i´m trying to update my assistant:

 Unable to install the assistant: NLU training error: request to https://external-gateway.snips.ai/v3/assistant/proj_XXXXXXXXX/status failed, reason: getaddr info EAI_AGAIN external-gateway.snips.ai external-gateway.snips.ai:443

when i ping the adress external-gateway.snips.ai from my computer i get a respond, when i ping the adress from the snips raspberry pi i get:

ping: external-gateway.snips.ai: Temporary failure in name resolution

How can i resolve this issue? Thanks for the help


My pings to the servers respond


Tried my other raspberry pi and this device could ping the adresse without an error.
After reading other forums with this error linked to DNS i looked up the dns config file on the ping-working rapsberry pi and copied the content and pasted it in the dns config file from the snips raspberry file. And it worked.

access the dns config file:
###Open The dns config file with an editor in the command line

sudo nano /etc/resolv.conf