[SOLVED]Korean language support


Dear Snips team

I would like to know how to install assistant Korean environment.
When installing via Sam CLI (using internet). It was error about ASR. Or Should i manually install ?



It worked by manual install and use command in assistant folder.
mkdir custom_asr


hey, what process did you use to install Korean and does it work offline?


Now only online mode is worked because Korean on Snips ASR is not implement yet.
You should install manually.

  1. Download and install manually

  2. Put your file into Raspberry PI

  3. Use command sam install assistant -p <file-path>

  4. Execute this command cd /usr/share/snips/assistant && mkdir custom_asr

  5. Check sam status sam status
    It should be running [Excepting ASR and Dialogue]

  6. Code your google ASR (I will public to Git if it worked completely)