[Solved] Sam on non raspberry computer


Is it possible to use sam on a computer that is not a raspberry?


Sure, I’am using Sam on an Win10 PC wihtout problems. I think that is how it was meant to be :slight_smile:
Simply follow the instructions at this link


I meant that I have installed Snips on a non raspberry linux machine, and would like to take advantage of assistants auto deployment and such, but from what I understand the snips server has to be a raspberry to be managed by Sam


Have you tried to connect sam to your linux machine via IP?
sam connect 192.168.2.xxx (replace with your IP)


Indeed, this way it works, thanks.


Sam is primarly intented to run on your desktop (osx or ubuntu 18.04) to configure your pi remotely.

Running on Windows was not intended to begin with but I’m glad to hear that it is working :slight_smile: (tough we have heard that it is possible to encounter issues with ssh)