[SOLVED] Snips-hotword won't start


Version 0.60.12. I recorded several personal wakewords per this procedure but I didn’t like the detection failure rate. I changed my assistant back to “Hey Snips”, but now the snips-hotword service fails to start.

I don’t know if it’s relevant, but any attempt to stop or restart snips-* at the terminal complained about “Unit snips-record-personal-hotword.service not found” and did nothing. Renaming the “/home/pi/snips-record-personal-hotword” directory allows the stop snips-* to proceed, but start snips-* starts nothing. A reboot starts all except snips-hotword.

I renamed my personal hotword directories in /etc/snips in case they were still being referenced, no change.

Any ideas what’s happening here? Can I completely reinstall snips without really borking everything? Should I just wait for the rollout on the 25th? I do have a recent directory backup of /etc /home /var and /boot.

Thanks for any suggestions…


Doh… I commented out the “model =” line under “[snips-hotword]” in etc/snips.toml and all is well. Hopefully somebody else can learn from my doughheadedness…

The issue with starting snips-* remains, but I’ll take that to another forum.


Indeed, you should use snips-* with double quotes or else your shell will try to expend it against files or directory in the current directory.


About sudo systemctl start snips-*, the wildcard will not work if the services are not already started.

see https://github.com/systemd/systemd/issues/6379


Ah, thanks for that. And from the same link, it seems that adding --all makes it work as desired.