[SOLVED] Snips memory is too good?

I have created a functional snips. In one of my intents (called LightsTurnOn) i added a slot (entity_name) with a value of “insideTemp” and a synomyn of “inside temperature”. I then did training exercises etc and updated my assistant in snips. It recognises my intent all good.

I then had a change of heart and decided a value called “inside temperature or insideTemp” doesn’t belong in a intent called “LightsTurnOn” so i made a extra intent called “HAactions”
and a slot type called “HAactions”… Deleted the original value from LightsTurnOn and re added it to HAactions.

I then did all the training examples and exercises via the console and the assistant seems to recogonise it properly from the console.

But… when i “sam update-assistant” on my snips pi and test it out it keeps reverting to the “lightsTurnOn” intent despite that value no longer being configured in my console.

Question is… How do i get snips to forget ALL previous training etc and retrain with whats currently in my console so it doesnt pick up on redundant slots, intents etc


To answer my own questions again and for anyone else looking for this answer i followed dukes reply in this thread

Delete snips

and then uninstall the assistant with sudo rm -rf /usr/share/snips/assistant/
and then i re installed snips and deployed a new assistant from the console. easy once you you get your head around things :slight_smile: