Support for Raspberry PI 4 / raspbian buster

Not much to add here. I really would like to update my raspbian and also install Snips on my PI 4.

You can follow progress and check workarounds in the github issue thread.

This forum post seemst to contain some tips as well.

Happy testing!

Hi darioce,

Thanks for the link, I believe i checked this thread a dozen times and it didn’t work for me.

IMHO it would be great to have an option here that people can vote for features, to indicate, what really matters to them. I am quite sure many many many many snips fans would vote for buster support.

I can only speak for myself, but I’ve used raspbian stretch to install the snips packages. Once it was setup I upgraded the OS to buster with snips continuing to work.

I’ve done this twice and I’ve had to redo everything due to an error during a later OS update making the system unbootable.