Support for synonyms on injected entities?



Before I start great work on Snips its pretty amazing what it can do on such a light weight device.

I’m trying to use your latest feature of injected entities, however reading the docs and through testing I can’t work out a way to support new slot values with synonyms.

Is this supported or are there any plans to support it ?

I’m writing a snips slack pinger for use at work (well we already have one running) but I’m improving it and making it generic enough for anyone to install and use. So when I saw the inject entity support its a great fit for this but I just haven’t found a way to add a slot name with synonyms.



Hi @jn100,
Indeed, synonyms are not available when using entity injection yet. This should not be too hard to integrate, I’m adding this to our roadmap.


Great thanks @adri for the update.

It didn’t block me the setup without it works well. I completed a basic version of the slack pinger

Unfortunately it doesn’t fit in the snips ecosystem of actions, but neverless is easy to run on supported devices. There are future improvements to be made like checking intent/slot probability accuracy match, but the basic version works well.


Hi Adrien,

that would be a very welcome extension to the injection facility indeed!