Swiss Public Transport - Time Tables



Finally published the App I was working on during Christmas - New Year holidays. Along with the App comes a write-up on how I built the App. So if you are interested, head over to my blog and take a look:
How to make a Snips skill

Please be gentle with me, as this is the first attempt to blog about stuff I do. The last Part is still in the works and will be published during next week.

Thanks for any feedback, hints and tips how I could improve the App and also the “Blog writing” :slight_smile:


Great write-up! This will help many beginning app writers.


Thanks for the share, very appreciated :wink:


The last part of the Blog Series about this “Swiss Train Table” App is online:

Please feel free to comment about the App, the coding and the Blog as well. Thanks and happy “snipping”.


Thank you for the write up! Had a great time reading it and now I am fully motivated to try to write an app myself.
Your blog post is a great start!