Switching between online and offline use of Snips



Question about offline nature of Snips

just a idea from my side. Well the asr part does not really bother me because yes for me thats super evil :joy:

For the tts, there is already a python script, that creates the output samples with amazon polly and caches them locally. That way you do not need to always calculate them online which when you mostly use similar outputs makes it a lot less evil.
Well I guess thats what you do aswell :wink:
Now you always do a internet check and when you have no internet you swap out the tts in the snips.toml. Thats the part I kind of do not like that much, since you need root rights for it and need to restart snips. Ok sure it does not happen often, but why not just call picotts as a alternative to amazon

so do:
check if file is already locally avaible. If it is use it. Otherwise calculate it with amazon polly and cache it locally. If that fails for whatever reason use picotts

Or is there any advantage in changing the snips.toml?


I do cache Polly results yes. As mentionned, I’m also migrating to Wavenet for better TTS

I swap the toml file, because snips calls pico or whatever configured automatically, through the dialog manager


So it´s faster when you put it into there directly right?


No, but snips does call the TTS by itself, don’t want to override that or I would have to remake the entire dialog manager