Tagging your Topics


Our community forum now employs a combination of categories and tags for structuring, organizing, and discovering relevant and helpful topics. While a topic can only live inside of a single category, it can contain multiple tags that best describes it’s contents. First we will define the multiple parts of posting such as assigning a category and tag, then we will provide an example at the end.


How we use categories

We use categories as a suggested starting point for a user’s topic. While a single category may not adequately describe the full context of their topic, it’s feasible to consider what the topic is primarily about as the natural home for the topic. Categories can be used as a way to filter topics (and the tags used within them), though we chose to not use the hard hierarchal approach as the only way to structure and organize topics.

How we use tags

We use tags to help broaden the context of a topic without adding noise, spam, or details that would otherwise dilute the meaning and value of a topic. To do this, we use standardized tags that are logically created based on all the different Plex Media Server platforms, player platforms, and features. Users can mix and match tags to more precisely describe their topic while improving discoverability and searchability across the forums. Because standardized tags can only be created by forum admins by design, we leave guessing, typos, incorrect tags, and spammy tags out of the equation. To ensure usage of tags, it is required to use at least 1 tag in many categories.

Tagging your topics

You can add tags to your new topic from the posting drawer . The tag field is underneath the title field, to the right of the category field. Click the tag field once and see the most frequently used tags in that category. With the tag field selected, you can start typing and get suggestions. Click on the appropriate tag from the suggestions and repeat to add multiple tags. If you added the wrong tag, or just want to remove one, click the tag field again and then the X next to the tag you want to remove.

Once posted, your topic will show the category, sub-category (if relevant) and all tags. Each is clickable and takes you to a pre-filtered topic list based on just that category or tag.