Text as Input just like voice

Hey guys! I’m just getting started with Snips and I guess I’ve gotten a little ambitious. I was wondering if it is possible to send text as an input method. I want it to behave as if I spoke to Snips (Speak->ASR->NLU parses-> Intent is recognized-> Actions are triggered) I currently use snippets just to get a verbal response from Snips for different intents.
What I tried to do was send the payload, through Hermes, directly to the NLU and it recognizes the intent, the action of responding is not happening. I also tried starting a session through the dialogue manager and then the NLU, however that resulted in early termination.
If this is at all possible, a helping hand would be nice. Or even just some guidance. Thanks

I achieved that by mimicking the default behavior. That means, I pretended to have a satellite that does the ASR. So I basically send following messages via hermes:

  1. hermes/hotword/detected (siteId: text)
  2. Receive the sessionId from dialogue manager (from hermes/hotword/toggle)
  3. hermes/asr/textCaptured (siteId: text; sessionId from 2; text: the text)
  4. receive response

Thank you so much!!! I’ve got it running and it works perfectly. True lifesaver.