There was a problem saving your intent


Hi, when I try to modify (add a training example) one of the intents, I get this error message when I Save:
“There was a problem saving your intent.
Error: already exists: intent name shiftThermostats”

I can modify and save another intent in the same assistant.
I have logged in and out several times.
I have changed the email address a week ago.

Firefox 64.0.2
Windows 10


Hi Jens,

As the error message says, you have another intent on your account that is both in the same language, and with the exact same name. If you navigate to the My Intents area:

You should be able to find the duplicate. Then you will need to change the name or possible delete the duplicate, and you will be able to save your original intent again.


Hi and thank you for the reply.
However I’m not able to find a duplicate in the same assistant, there’s only one shiftThermostats as far as I can see.
Nor is there another Assistant in German which has an intent with this name. There are on the other hand an English and French Assistant which has the shiftThermostats intent


@Jens1 the check is not for the assistant, is for the whole account, per language. So go to Home > My Intents, and take a look there instead for a duplicate of your intent name. If you have intents in multiple language, use the language filter to focus on the relevant language.


One thing : I was logged in with the same account on two computers at the same time. I believe both browser had the shiftThermostats open. Maybe this caused the problem?


Found the problem: there’s was an unused shiftThermostats . It must have happened when I had two browsers open!
Thanks for the support

If anyone has a similar issue.
There was no duplicate instants listed in ‘My Assistants’ which confused me. It was not listed in any Assistants because it was unused. The duplicate was a clone of one intent. The solution was to open Home | My Intents + filter language. There was the unused duplicate listed and could be deleted.