Trying to get a published message as response voice command

i have snips installed on raspberry and i’m getting many messages to “hermes/audioServer/default/audioFrame” topic.
i’ve created a new app on the web site with a new intent called “turn_lights_on” with 3 training exampls “blue”, “green” and “lights on” (these are the words i’m supposed to say in order for the intent to fire - no?):

next i used “deploy assistant” and downloaded the zip file + extracted to it to the pi’s path “/usr/share/snips/assistant” (the folder “snips” did not exist - i manually created it), then restarted snips with sudo systemctl start “snips-*” (also restarted the pi afterwards).

in “/etc/snips.toml” i’ve configured mqtt to use my local MQTT server used by home assistant:
bus = “mqtt”
mqtt = “localhost:1883”
#audio = ["+@mqtt"]
assistant = “/usr/share/snips/assistant”
user_dir = “/var/lib/snips”

when i say “hey snips”, i hear a sound from the rasp audio output, but saying green/blue/lights on afterwards does nothing - i can’t see any published topic as a response in MQTT (which i guess i should have seen).

just trying the simplest setup - make a voice command to send an MQTT message - what am i missing here?


Your intent can’t work like that.

Maybe you want to check my guide from a beginner for beginners, it should show you how to go on:

While the guide aims on Home Assistant users, it you should still be able to see how the intents work there.

thanks for the guide - i read it but doesn’t really help me. i am currently at a state where snips is installed, and i’m getting its published messages (which i can see using MQTT.fx), but i never get a publish under topic “hermes/intent/#” - this has nothing to do with home assistant - i’m just trying as first step to see a published message which proves that snips DID recognized the voice command as an intent.
by saying “hey snips” i can hear the beep sound, and see the following posted topics in MQTT:


then i said a word - “bye” and in another case “hi” (i installed the “Greetings” app from snips web site)
no intent was published under “hermes/intent/#” and after a few seconds i see the following published topic in MQTT.fx:


this actually means that snips did recognize the “hey snips”, waited for something to be said after few seconds that it didn’t recognize anything, it toggled the hot word listener back again.

so i’m just trying the most simple scenario here - not related in any way to home assistant - make it recognize a single word and see its published intent through MQTT.

AsI said - your intent can’t work like that. That has nothing to do with Home Assistant. When you check my guide (or any other example from the store) you will see why it is not working right away.

Technically it could detect the intent when you just say “green” but I thgink it would be better to give ut real training sentences like it is expected.