Tutorial on how to use the console


Is there a tutorial on how to use and prepare in the console, an assistant?
What are the links to modify, delete and what is the hierarchical system between all these elements ???
My assistants
My Apps
My Intents
My Slot Types

Having published an Apps, prevents it from modifying it, or renaming its intents …
Because after having tested a lot of things I’d like to clean up, and I’m having a lot of blockages



and this one
follow the links on this page as there is more info on each next page


You also have some recent videos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLREoo8yoV8&t=9s


Thanks for the links provided, but I am already well advanced with Snips.
My request is about modifying an assistant with his Apps already created, to adapt to the problems encountered when using my assistant in a python apps acting on my home automation box.
I made the mistake of publishing two apps in the store, so I can not delete apps, intents or their names anymore.
How can I go back?

My problem has just created my Apps from a fork of official jeedom …
Will I have to start all over again, and start again with variables of my home automation, and rethink everything backwards ???
Thank you for your answers…