Unable to test voice model for a custom wakeword

I want to make a voice assistant for an Android app, and I want to give it a custom name. I’ve followed the steps given here upto step 4. In step 4 when I do:

$ sudo systemctl stop snips-hotword; sudo systemctl stop snips-dialogue; sudo systemctl start snips-audio-server;

I get this error:
Failed to stop snips-hotword.service: Unit snips-hotword.service not loaded.
Failed to stop snips-dialogue.service: Unit snips-dialogue.service not loaded.
Failed to start snips-audio-server.service: Unit snips-audio-server.service not found.

I’m new to Snips, so it’d be great if you could help me out.

At first, the command to turn snips off fails because Snips is not turned on (‘loaded’) in the first place.

The second part is more serious: it seems the snips audio server is not installed?

I’m following the steps here:
Im stuck at step 4.