Unit test shows failure - why?


In this case the NLU output exactly matches the expected output, but the console still says the test failed. It still says that after clicking “Set prediction as expected” and re-running. This is the only intent I have where this happens. I have other zero-slot intents with fewer examples and their tests pass. What’s actually failing if the output matches expected output?




Hi @jmwilson thanks for reporting the issue!

The bug is caused by the fact that you recently renamed your intent from “autoTriggerLevel” to “autoTriggerLevels”. Even if the name is correctly shown in the dropdown, the old name was stored in the unit test leading to a mismatch.

We just fixed it and we are going to patch the console in the following days, but in the meantime re-selecting the intent in the drop down should override the name and make the test pass.


Thanks Julien and good eye!

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