[Updated] NLU not running

I needed to download a couple of packages, so I did a sudo apt-get update/upgrade (Raspbian Stretch) prior…the upgrade took quite awhile and ran lots of events…

I did a sam update-assistant…it did not run…sam status told me the snips-nlu was not running (others OK)…I did a sam update…I did a sam update snips…did not help…

Ran snips-nlu -vvv and got error saying it could not read a file due to a permssions error:

I reran the system update/upgrade and only delta message was that the wolfram-engine was kept back

Not sure where to go from here - did the Stretch upgrade bust something?

UPDATE: this appears to be a snips issue … see Assistant deployment breaks directory permissions over in the snips_issues…

The issue is coming from a problem on our servers.

The fix is on its way.


The issue is now fixed.