Using custom ASR model


Is it possible to use a custom ASR model with Snips? I am considering using Snips for a project where we need Estonian ASR (and everything else, but ASR should be the most complicated). I have strong experience with Kaldi (author of kaldi-gstreamer-server) and I have Kaldi online nnet3 models for Estonian. Is it possible to convert them to Snips format somehow?


Hi @alumae,
The ASR component of Snips does rely on Kaldi, but isn’t plug and play for any Kaldi model. All the components of our pipeline are tightly linked and optimised to work together, which is why it needs to be done internally. I’m afraid there isn’t much that can be done until Estonian is natively supported by Snips.

We are aiming to keep a good pace at supporting new languages. We have a good playbook now, but it still takes a significant effort internally. Once languages reach an alpha stage, we’re always happy to leverage the community’s good will to get early feedback. We’ll communicate when Estonian reaches that stage, but there is no date estimate we can give at this stage.