Using other git solutions than Github for actions


Hi, I’m new to Snips and I’m learning how it works, but I have a problem : for the actions (in the console), is only Github allowed ?
I’ve read somewhere on the forum that it accept most of the Git repositories even if its written Github, but I can’t link my Gitlab repository (img), is it normal ?



Link a repository not the .py file :wink:


I guess it just says github because thats the most common and so more people will get what to put in there, but yes any git repository will absolutely work with it


Okay thanks ! I’ve try before to link the .git, if it’s what you mean, but it didnt work neither… I’m kinda noob with git as I didn’t use it other than in command line :sweat_smile:


is the repository publiocally visible? the console needs to access the repository from the cloud to build the assistant.


Aaah that was it ! I switched it to public and it works, thanks :slight_smile:
But it means that if a compagny wants privacy on it’s projects, the only way is to code actions in the code snippets ? Altought its restricting ?


You can also use sam to install actions from a repository. If that action is on a local git server it should work without beeing open to the public.


Okay thank you I’ll try that


Hello guys,
I am wrote some action-code in the snippet and it worked fine. But then I wanted to try the Github way, and I used the Joke app by Coorfang, but it does not respond anything. Same issue when I removed the snippets code and used Github link for the app I developed. Did I miss some installation files for RPi? Since, I am not using SAM commands, I guess, I missed out something. Could anybody please guide?
Thanks in advance.