Voice Enabled Web



A React component to add a microphone button to a web page that streams mqtt audio to Snips. Implements hotword,audioserver,tts and skill-server components of the Snips mqtt hermes protocol.

Test Snips without talking

This is really cool @syntithenai !!!


Nice! Added to awesome-snips: https://github.com/snipsco/awesome-snips :slight_smile:


That is incredibly cool! I am no UI guy but it would be very cool to integrate that into Home Assistant for example.


@syntithenai You know what would be an awesome use of this is if you could use it to do the personal hotword recording, sending 2 seconds of audio to the script here: https://docs.snips.ai/guides/advanced-configuration/wakeword/personal-wakeword

I’ll take a poke but since I know nothing about react would probably be painful for me but seems like it’d be pretty straight forward. I’d be willing to host a script somewhere so people could use it. Would make for a really easy way for people to record their own hotword.