Voice Panel - Android Voice Assistant for Home Assistant


Project Overview

I have been working on an Android based Voice Assistant using the Snips Voice Platform. It’s now in early beta and I wanted to share it with the community. Voice Panel is a Voice Assistant for Home Assistant built with Snips. It has some features I borrowed from previous projects including motion detection, face detection, MJPEG streaming, sensor reporting over MQTT, and MQTT control of the application.

Home Assistant

Voice Panel uses Snips as a voice interface for Home Assistant. At this time, you can control your alarm system, lights, windows, blinds, switches, check status, get the date/time, and retrieve the weather information. You initiate a conversation with Voice Panel by using speaking wake-word, “Hey, Snips”. Alternatively, you can use face detection to initiate a conversation simply by looking at the device.


Currently the application has a few limitations. The Snips Android SDK does not work as a satellite. The Snips Android SDK does not support custom wake-words at this time.


  • Face activated wake-word (no need to say “Hey, Snips”).
  • Control Home Assistant components using voice commands (“Turn on the kitchen lights”).
  • Stream video, detect motion, detect faces, and read QR Codes.
  • Support for MQTT Alarm Panel Control to control your alarm system.
  • MQTT commands to remotely control the application (speak text, play audio, send notifications, alerts, etc.).
  • Device sensor data reporting over MQTT (temperature, light, pressure, battery, etc.).
  • MQTT Day/Night mode based on the sun value reported from Home Assistant.
  • MQTT weather data to display weather reported from Home Assistant.


You can get the application either through the release section of the Github project page (side-loading) or you can join the beta program by becoming a beta tester through the Google Play store.

Github Project Page
Google Play Beta Testers



This is great work! I’m more of a Jeedom user myself but this is really arousing my curiosity!


Well it’s open source, no reason why it couldn’t be ported to Jeedom, especially since Snips has the new Jeedom app. I may install Jeedom one day and do the port, I believe Jeedom has a better integration with Snips than HASS.

Right now I am more interested in getting it in front of people to see how viable Snips is for Android. I see some stability issues with the Snips Android SDK that may impede the progress, but its too soon to tell.


I have released a new version on both Google Play and Github which includes Snips v0.60.2. It can be downloaded directly from Github or Google Play.


Hello @thanksmister,

i’m working on a voicebot in android, can you please provide me with some hints on how multi-turn dialog works on android, i’m trying to help end users achieving a task following a defined workflow. Thank you