Wakeword "Jarvis" not working


i created a few days ago aj assistant with Skills “Haus Automation” and “Wetter” in german. Did a few trys with matrix voice ad obenhab2. Can switch light on and of.

This day i deleted the Assistant an created a new one. Installed SAM on the raspberry pi 3 an installed the skill. Installed the assistant in german. Everything is working fine. But the Wakeword is still “Hey Snips” and not “Jarvis” like selected in the Snips Console. In the installed assistant.json is “hotword=jarvis” set.

Also i hear no “start_of_input.wav” and donts see it in sam watch. I had activated feedback with “sudo mosquitto_pub -h 192.168.178.xx -p 1883 -t hermes/feedback/sound/toggleOn -m “{“siteId”:“default”}””
What do i wrong?

Thanks in advance