Website snips console is down

the website snips console is down.”.

please tell me why.

an article in French about the economic history of Snips …

@lodddel Is it the same if you try again now? I don’t see any particular problem from our end.
Edit: were you trying to connect via github? did you already have a console account prior to using github to connect, or have you only used github connect?

And regarding the other posts here - this issue is unrelated, the console will stay online until Jan 31, 2020.

Hello jonas,

Question: what will happen after the 31st of January?

Is there still a way to use the console?

Or is there an alternative for the users?

Thank you in advance for a reply


Please go to these topics to discuss what will happen with the console after Jan 31, and proposed alternatives by other users in the community:

I think I discovered what the original issue you reported was, we will release a fix for it before the end of the week.

I’m closing this topic now as the discussion has drifted and is better to continue in the other topics I linked to above.