WebTest - Test your assistant on a local website without talking


Ok so I don’t know if this work normally but when I’m connect with this tool, my voice commands aren’t work and text send commands aren’t launching actions.

On screenshots we can see :

  • at 06:42.38 it’s the normal work. I asked snips with voice to turn on ‘mode cinema’ and it worked.
  • at 06:43:25 I asked the same thing but with the tool connected, it didn’t work.
  • at 06:43:49 I send the command wakeword then input from your tool, it didn’t work.

These results are normal or actions must be trigger ?


First look: don‘t use an existing siteId, both the Tool and snips try to answer the listen request(ASR): this confuses the dialogManager

Second look:
Seems to be the double PlayFinished. Turning off the audio feedback might work (but be fast, your input must occur before the real snips reports „no voice detected“… quite ugly workaround:/ )


Oh yes seems to be the first solution ! Great tool !

It will be easier to test action without wake up every one :slight_smile:

Just a question, is it possible to send input directly without wakeword ? I think about a chat with snips but it must be difficult to have text response from it.


A direct „chat“ is on my list. It basically just means: if there is no sessionId, first send a „wakeword/detected“

But from my side that will need at least 2-3 weeks ^^

Edit: the text response is already there(last TTS), or do you mean something else?


Yes indeed, I didn’t see tts reply because my action didn’t have one.

But now it’s perfect ! Can’t wait to see next feature.

Great work ! It must be add to snips console or something, it’s a must have.


I edited the snips mosquitto.conf with sudo nano and now my mqtt broker won’t start:

Could not start MQTT client on localhost:1883                              
-> caused by: Connection refused (os error 111)

Guess I maybe messed up the ownership of the mosquitto.conf ?
What can I do to restore the defaults?

Edit: Never mind.

Found out by

sudo systemctl stop mosquitto
sudo mosquitto -v -c /etc/mosquitto/mosquitto.conf

That I had a syntax error in my .conf


Just installed the new platform update, and it looks as if this web console is no longer working.

It triggers the hotword correctly and Snips goes into listening mode for ASR, but then simulating an input doesn’t continue on to NLU processing.

It looks like the fields range_start and range_end have been changed to rangeEnd and rangeStart now in the hermes/asr/textCaptured message and the hermes/nlu/query message.

A quick change of those fields in app.js (around line 25 and 30) and the web tester seems to be working again (at least its generating a mqtt message for my intent)

There might be more that’s not quite working right, but this was just the first item I found that I thought I’d share.



Thanks for your analysis, chris!

I adjusted it like you mentioned and ran a few more tests - the rest seems to be still working!