What exactly is open source? What isn't?

I’m having a hard time understanding exactly what parts of this project are open source, and what parts aren’t. There’s a big “open source badge” on the makers.snips.ai page, but it’s clear you can’t use it entirely with free software.

So what parts are open source, and what parts of the toolchain are proprietary?

so far snips-nlu and hermes-python are open source

Snips has always said it will be all open source, but when is a different story :slight_smile:

Right. I would have figured duel-licensing it as commercial and AGPL would work pretty well, as it makes it truly open source but also makes it difficult to make a commercial product without buying a license.

It’s kind of shitty how they advertise as being open-source, but when I looked into it it turned out it pretty much wasn’t. Not that I don’t appreciate the tooling they have published, but it seems like the marketing got away from them a little bit.

I feel like I would be a lot less annoyed if I went into it expecting closed-source with some community code instead of something that’s actually open source.


your not the only one

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you can also add the hotword inference engine -> https://github.com/kali/tract

@marc can we get some more/better documentation on this item??

can we use our own 1000 word sample waves for a wake word to build and detect with better accuracy ??