Where is snips/musicArtist slot?


In the documentation (https://docs.snips.ai/reference/slot_types), there is mention of a snips/musicArtist slot but it is nowhere to be found in the console.

Do these “music” slots really exists?

How can we use them?


Hi @fastjack,
Good catch, these builtin entities were hidden in the web console due to a configuration error. This has been fixed now, so you should be able to use them.
Thanks for the feedback

Awesome! I’ll be testing these ASAP.

Is it possible to inject new value in the builtin slots types (like underground artists for example) ? Or should we create an alternative intent with a custom slot?


You can definitely inject values and extend these builtin slot types by using entity injection.
The injection process happens directly on the device though, not in the console.

Hi @adri
I tested to snips/musicArtist slot and it works quite well.
I was not able to use classical composers like Beethoven or Mozart. I had to inject them but after that it worked correctly.
However, I encountered some strange cases with the ASR not being able to recognize some artist names like “Scorpions”.
I tested lots of ways to say it and none of them worked. The closer I got was “Schorre s-pions”.
The NLU seems to identify “Scorpions” correctly in the console so the band name is in the musicArtist slot.
I will be testing the snips/musicAlbum and snips/musicTrack soon.
Hope this helps.

Edit: Injecting unrecognized artist names seems to do the trick but having synonyms for dynamic injection would help for edge cases (ex.: UB40, ubi forty, UB forty).