Which microphones for Raspberry

Hi guys,

my whole house is automated.
I am running on Openhab on Raspberry Pi.
But what i missed so far, is a voice assistand.
I am too paranoid, for using Cloud Services.
So snips is exactly what i am looking for.

i want to use a Raspberry pi for snips, because i have so many pi´s in use.
But i want to use just one Pi with many microphones - is that possible?
So i want to send voice commands, in the whole house over many microphones to one Snips Device that sends the commands to my openhab.

That could be wireless or Cable microphones, that doesn´t matter to me.

Hope you can give me some advices.

Best regards

NO… but you can use one RPi 3b as a main unit, and then have RPi Zero’s with respeaker 2mic HATs as satellite mics that communicate with the main base unit



Hi vaillan,

If you want to have multi-room dialog with Snips, you’ll have to use some Raspberry as satellites (Raspberrys Pi Zero with ReSpeaker 2-Mics Pi HAT will do the trick). Your commands will be forwarded to the base unit (main Raspberry Pi with snips-skill-server installed). Have a look at the doc.

i know the documentation, which I did not understand was:

is it possible to use e.g one microphone for each room, with only one pi which is cental in the cellar?

Connecting the microphones wireless or with a hub to snips

is that possible or do i have to use 10 Satellite Pi´s?

best regards

NO. only with satellites

So would be a zero pi with ReSpeaker 2-Mics Pi HAT a good decision?

Do i need something else, or is that enough for a satellite?

Than i would put in each room a zero pi wireless connected to the central pi in my cellar.
Is that possible or do i understand something wrong?

Best regards

OK, thanks.
the post was at the same time as mine, so i did´t see it thank you.

But the best thing is, that i understand it :joy:

Just wanted to be sure.
Is it better to use the ps3 eye cam or the respeaker 2 mic hat on pi zero?

Are there any experience?

Best regards

I use the Raspaudio Mic+ (https://www.raspiaudio.com/raspiaudio-aiy) on my RaspberryPi 0W’s. This allows both mic and speaker so you can send a reply back to make sure your request was understood. I have one in each room. Though sometimes more than one picks up my request and the furthest one does not understand the request, but I am still tweaking my system.

@JohnZable How is the Mic quality on the Mic+ ?

I have the same device and one speaker makes some sort of high pitched squeaking noise. Recording works but is very noisy (like speaking with wind blowing in the background)

The mic is pretty sensitive. I had to lower both the sensitivity of the mic and snips (in snips.toml) I have been working with Raspaudio on this issue. The one on my test setup did that out of the box and I cut one of the wires on the problem speaker. I have another one that worked for months before one of the speakers went bad. Note, both speakers will do that when it is configured as a snips satellite, but it is not connected to the mqtt server.

I will let you know what Raspaudio does for a fix, but for now, I am just cutting a wire on the bad speaker. I do not hear any perceived reduction in performance or volume.

I hope they come up with a fix because I love the form factor, which when paired with a RaspberryPi 0W makes for a pretty small satellite which can easily be placed where it is not very noticeable.

If the mic+ is not too buggy, this solution seems to be the best, because i get a feedback after a noise detection.

Did you buy it on amazon?
Are there any useable cases or 3d print models?

Best regards

The recordings made with this mic sound horrible (might be my unit only) but for Snips I have not had any issue. Works flawlessly in my MagicMirror

I just bought a 3D printer and am working on designing a case. I am using a 90 degree USB connector/cable. I thought I had it, everything fit and connected properly. However, when testing, the mic sits too far back. It works great if the unit is in line with your voice. Changing the design to funnel the sound to the speaker looked pretty stupid. I am going to have to remove the speaker from the circuit board. (Which is build into the design of the Raspaudio Mic+ and they supply the wires.) I was really hoping not to have to do this, though. But, oh well.

I have not had any more issues with any speakers buzzing. I replaced the ones I had clipped the wires to one speaker about a week after my last post. Raspaudio did not really do anything after my last post either.