Wildcards for intent training


Hi. I’ve been trying to make my first assistant app a simple one, but I’ve come to a halt.

I wanted my assistant to listen and if I say “Say something” it would answer “Something”. The first word (“Say”) is marked for the slot “instruction” and the following word is marked for the slot “word”.

The problem is that I want it towork for “Say $whatever”, but it only responds to the word I train with exactly. I tried some common things like “*” but it doesn’t seem to work. So I came here to ask if there is any way to do this.

One way I’ve thought of would be having only the slot for the instruction, and then somehow retrieving the whole sentence, and then make it say the rest of that string for an answer. But I don’t know how to do that either. I’m very new. Thanks.


The ASR only knows word that you enter into the training… any other word not in there is not known

you can try the open english ASR… but its not exactly accurate all the time. https://docs.snips.ai/articles/platform/asr#using-snips-generic-asr-model-english-only

there is also the google asr… but this is a cloud asr not private offline https://docs.snips.ai/articles/platform/asr#using-googles-cloud-service-for-other-languages


Thanks for the answer @ozie. I guess that by trying to make a simple example I tried to do something that couldn’t be done.

I’ll keep on trying stuff out.