Yes I know another noob needing Alsa help

Been trying now for around a week to get alsa to work :frowning:

Can anyone help me with why alsa is not outputting sound. I have tried a lot of suggestions from the web unsintalling reinstalling setting the asound.conf etc etc. Just cannot seem to get it to work when I do aplay -l i get the usual Intel card 0 devoce 0 for the onbaord sound which is plugged up to 5.1 surround so far no amount of trouble shooting on my part has worked so I am unable to even begin with Snips

I am trying to get alsa to work on Ubuntu 18.0.4.x in a Qemu kvm Qcow2 image and use ssh terminal and virtmanager


A million reasons might be the cause…

Try giving more info like devices, RPi etc, sound card… things like that that may help more

If you can’t even get the system to play anything as it is, then its not a Snips problem and your best bet would be to use google to search for answers